CD  PLAYER  MODEL :  C D P - 7 T / M K 3


s e r i e s    n r.  5  (  y e a r   september  2006 )

update new dac 24 bit PCM-1704

W hen the perfect mechanical solution join original electronic design born a superior cd player class A product.

The circuity of power supply employ 14 regulation stages , only one capacitor on signal path as film & foil custom made, special material chassis by aerospace alluminium die-cast. The output tube triode circuity is in class A with only one passive first order filter so do not have indesiderate rotative signal phase.

The CD mechanism have two different solution of  mechanical damping:

A original magnetic clamp system give more stability to the rotation the CD disc so to have the double stabilization on two axis: orizzontal and vertical.

C O N V E N I E N  C E    A N D    P E R F O R M A N C E



Type Top Loading CD player tube analog
Digital section 24  bit PCM-1704 dual mono oversampling by DSP

and NO data L/R shift phase

S/N ratio 105 db
Distorsion 0.1% THD or better
Frequency response 20-20khz (with gently slope filter)
Output impedance 150 ohm 3.0 volts rms (2.5 Volt min)

The output voltage is measured  at  0 db test cd disk

The music cd disk have output rathed at 200-500 mV

so the CDP-7 can interface ANY preamplifier or amplifier without NO input saturation

Power supply 220-240-120-100 vac (separate box model  PSU 3)
Dimension CDP 7T 400x115x300 (lxhxp)
Dimension PSU 3T 225x85x300 (lxhxp)
Weight net CDP7T= 12 kg

PSU3T= 3 kg


Chassis Machined  alluminium  die  cast chassis
CD-TRANSPORT Laser assembly Lector design proprietary mechanism made from alluminium one shot construction, brass pillar and solid plexiglass as mechanical isolated filter from chassis ground
Magnetic Clamp Made by special delrin with isolated viton rubber control resonance and neodinium magentic puck
Jitter control By own design servo board ( no economical pre-assembly kit's) by selecting XTAL oscillator work  as "suspended mode" data digital signal leaves  as full integrity and channel  switch is on latch digital signal, own proprietary software control firmware
Power supply Separate box include 3 power transformer so reduce magnet flux, passive AC mains filter included ,  CDP-7 main unit  uses 14 local voltage regulators
Digital filter section By D.S.P. (digital signal processor) as low taps, phase correct, 18 bit interface real data transfer resolution to DAC interface
Analog filter section Minimize  phase distorsion and phase rotation design  only simple first order passive filter, D.S.P. make the 99% reduce jitter noise 
DAC power supply By two double voltage regulator and separate plug-in board as isolated ground loop for reducing  ground jitter
I- TO- V circuit

Based on zero feedback control by mixing of tubes and passive components

Reclock data DAC circuit Based on D.S.P. (digital signal processor) controlled by Xtal drive by PLL as low noise circuit


DOCET-LECTOR reserve the right to change or modify this specification without notice. 

Design and handmade in Italy EU by Docet-Lector. 

This units meet  C.E. rules as EN55013 and EN5502   

CDP-7 Black plexiglass lateral panels  version

CDP-7 / PSU-3T Black plexiglass panels for power supply

Spindle motor transmit vibration to laser pick up

Lector CDM adopt special spindle solution for control and reduce the vibration comes from the motor

V. S. D. C. S.

VIBRATION   SYSTEM   DISC   CONTROL   SPINDLE :  proprietary only on Lector CD player!


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