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L e c t o r    s t r u m e n t i     a u d i o      m a d e    i n    I t a l y     E E C

U p d a t e   n o w  ,  u l t i m e   i n f o


  Report    from  Munich   2014  Hi-end, Halle 3 demo room G-09.


Display  products:  new  CDP707 + PSU-7

new  CDP-603 real tubes cd player

Digitube S-192 hi resolution D to A converter

A u d i o   S y s t e m   i n   d e m o   r o o m :

sources :  Digidrive TL-3  +  Z-Server audio with touch screen

dac :  Digicode S-192 inputs  by  AES-EBU /  USB

Preamplifier : NEW Premiere ZOE CONCEPT STUDIO [ZCS]

download tentative data here

  with separate  power supply,  ladder volume control

Power  amplifier : V M - 2 0 0 M  mono bi-wiring cables


Speaker system by  EMME Speakers NEW Premiere: GALILEO

Wire control  from Faber's cables

all products made in Italy


more pics at : audio-activity

more pics at : mono & stereo magazine


Re-Music Magazine, Mr. Roberto Rocchi, comments :

Emmespeakers and Lector

A small room with huge loudspeakers and great source and amplification. The Galileo Emmespeakers loudspeaker is a three-way with six drivers, 86 dB of efficiency and eighty kilos of weight. Great driving provided by the hybrid VM200 amp, two chassis digital source with Digicode S-192 converter, all by Lector. Even if the room was small and the front end very huge, the sound kept proportion and naturalness, with deep and controlled bass range.




    E n g l i s h / U s a   n e w s



    E u r o p e a n    e v e n t s   a n d   n e w s



    N o v i t    e  d o c   t e c n i c i


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