Z - 1 0 0



s t e r e o     b y p o l a r     p o w e r    a m p l i f i e r






R e c o g n i z i n g     t h e    L e d Z


Z-100 is our idea of solid state power amplifier able to cope with vacuum tube & mosfet achitecture.

The Z-100 is a high current circuit design safely rides the wildest system of speakers available in the audio market, just keeping coherency and control...way to go.




I n c l u d e d :

- Mains power cord

- Owner’s manual of instructions


- Solid wood or black plexiglas side panels (optional)





 O p t i o n a l :









Lateral sides panels available as black plexiglas or cherry wood: reduce resonances of metal cover


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