s t e r e o    f u l l    t u b e    l i n e    p r e a m p l i f i e r





C r y s t a l    C l e a r    A n s w e r  !


Pure class A vacuum stereo control amplifier, free of solid state components on signal path.

Very low noise power supply. No overall feedback,  five line inputs, main output and HTD optional bypass module to perfectly feet with a multi channel audio system set-up.

The ideal device to archive no compromise high definition stereophony.

Best duo combo with Z-100 stereo bypolar power amplifier.


Best  electronic  components  inside:

Audio grade toroidal transformer designed in house with proprietary technology

Polypropylene audio output premium grade capacitors made in Italy

Hi-grade lower error tracking volume potentiometer

Cathode drive gain circuits by proprietary technology

Output gain selectable from 11-14-16-17-18-20-21-22 db


I n c l u d e d :

-Remote control handset

-Mains power cord

-Owner’s manual of instructions

-HTD module (optional)

-Solid wood or black plexiglas side panels (optional)


Germany Image Hi-Fi magazine Award 2013 Preamplifier categories as best product 





 O p t i o n a l :









Lateral sides panels available as black plexiglas or cherry wood: reduce resonances of metal cover


alluminium body remote control handset