T h e     F O N I X    s o l i d   s t a t e   M M / M C   p h o n o   r i a a   p r e a m p l i f i e r

product  real handcrafted  made in Italy EEC


E x p e r i e n c e    t h e    F i r s t    t a s t e  !


Made by two separated circuits for MM ( moving magnet cartdrige) and MC ( moving coil cartridge)

for two phono riaa equalization inputs.

Two turntables are allowed to be connected at the same time.

MC input provided with RCA resistive terminations taps for impedance matching.

All components are premium grade quality precision: film & foil capacitors with very low noise and high precision, resistors at 1 %

low resistance power supply new technology, with shunt-parallel circuit configuration.

All golden plate connectors and  terminations as well teflon insulators.

I n c l u d e d :



 F o n i x   riaa    preamplifier    Electrical    performances


Type of unit


 very low noise solid state phono riaa preamplifier for MM and MC



    MM: 43 db   MC: 65 db

Input sensitivity & Impedance


 MM: 1.5 mV / 47Kohm-100pF   /   MC: 0.4 mV / 47 Kohm -1500 pF

Frequency response

and riaa precision


 20 - 20  Khz  ;   +/- 0.5 db

Output impedance

and maximun voltage


 100 ohm / 10 Volt rms

Harmonic  Distorsion


 THD < 0.1 %

S/N Ratio


100 db ( A-weighted)

Line Output


 1 one stereo output

MC set resistor value


30 ohm BLUE  / 100 ohm BLACK / 470 ohm GREEN / 1000 ohm YELLOW

Mains Voltage


100/120/230/240 VAC - 50/60 Hz- 500 VA

Dimensions ( W x D x H)


400 mm x 300 mm x 85 mm

Weight ( net/gross)


7 Kg / 9 Kg

Side lateral Panels



Resistors    taps




F o n i x     r e a r    p a n e l


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