W e l c o m e   t o  L e c t o r    s t r u m e n t i    a u d i o   h o m e   p a g e !


1 0 0 %   d e s i g n e d   and   h a n d c r a f  t e d   in   e u r o p e ,  I t a l y  

I n v e n t o r    o f   t u b e / m o s f e t   H y b r i d    T e c h n o l o g y


Since 1982  we  design  and  lovingly  handcraft  hi-end audio, our innovative  products  are :

  • tube-valve class "A" preamplifier with H.T.D. ( home theater direct bypass circuit) original design technology opto bias circuits tube cathode coupled !

  • hybrid tube + mosfet power amplifier with real tube preamplifier circuits the tubes works real as direct driver !

  • hybrid tube + mosfet integrated amplifier  with real tube preamplifier circuits the tubes works real as direct driver !

  • tube-valve CD - player and digital analog converter with real   tubes  output  stage  ( no any IC or solid state from dac to analog output !!!)

  • CD-player / CD transport / DVD Player and now CD-SACD player with real  tubes output stage ( no any IC or solid state from dac to analog output !!!)

  • Lector Strumenti audio design  " made for iPOD" as  official  licensee  products  development

Our attention is only for to create the illusion of perfect realism live music in your living room.

We handcraft electronic equipment  just for music not only for technical specification but  we respect it !

Listen......and  enjoy  the music with our mix of music passion & technology !

S p e c i f i c a t i o n    a b o u t    o u r    p r o d u c t s :

Lowest noise tube preamp or step-up usable with cartridge down to 1,5mV out at 5cm/sec. The fastest tube preamp/pow-amp faster than the fastest transistor units, and without their edginess. The lowest open-loop distorsion with any no feedback. Low output impedance even at high frequencies allow driving long runs of high capacitance cable without sounding hard and driving low input impedance amps with no sign of strain. Polipropylene capacitors are used throughout the audio circuitry and in the power supply to give near perfect intertransient silence and the quietest space between sonic images. Precision metal film resistor used everywhere even in place where conventional wisdom says that they aren't needed. Our listening tests have demostrated that they are needed everywhere fot best resolution lowest and minimum unit to unit variability. Hi-quality cable used for audio hookup wire smoothest tonality and improved dimensionality. Gold plated phono/CD/output/input jacks minimize low level contact rectification and dielectric absoption. Premium quality toggle switches chosen for durability and best sound quality. Professional custom made potentiometer used and matched at 0.1%. Great care to power supply section : very low output impedance design as shunt regulated and hi-quality mosfet and regulated device used.

h a n d m a d e   i n   m i t t l e   e u r o p e    m u s i c    c l a s s