Premiere Tube hybrid integrated amplifier @ line dedicated inputs

Five line input @ tube stage as preamplifier, output for speakers system and tape recorder

Two Big power supply transformer: one as 170 V/A for output stage transistor, 

second transformer for tube preamplifier section.

Only local feedback circuit  design :power output stage low level feedback, 

NO any type of feedback on tube preamplifier stage proprietary optical cathode bias invented from Lector Lab's.


  • Optional plug-in for remote control handset for motorized pot as volume control

  • Optional cherry natural wood veenering for lateral sides


  • Premiere   Hybrid technology   with   tube+bipolar output transistor
  • Power output :   35 watt RMS x 2 @ 8 ohm
  • Frequency response:   20-100 Khz +/- 1 db
  • Inputs sensibility :   200 mV 56Kohm 220pf
  • Damping @ 100 Hz : better of 100
  • Distorsion THD : 0.1%
  • Tube preamplifier: 6922/ECC88
  • Dimension and weight : 400 x 300 x 108 /8.0 kg net
  • Power supply and consumation: 110/220 vac 180 VA 50/60 Hz
  • Rules: C E / LVD
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(attenzione il file in formato pdf acrobat)

Internal view of VFI-50 with motorized    potentiometer for remote control

Wood panel for lateral sides, increase   rigidity and looking

Design and hand made manufacture in E.E.C. by:

Docet - Lector

Via Cairoli,116 I-27010 Albuzzano (PV) Italy

Tel.:+++39.0382.484165   Fax:+++39.0382.481021   E-mail:

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