Integrated Hybrid amplifier  mod.  V F I - 7 0L

series 3 (year 2003)

This integrated hybrid amplifier is the line version of our model VFI 70 mm (mm phono input). The VFI 70L-3V  has four line level inputs and one tape output, speakers output is for one system right/left for impedance from 2 to 16 ohms. The VFI 70 is one of the first hybrid amplifier designed in 1982, this clever and realy musical design employ a tube triode in preamplification stages and a hexfet's power transistor in output. The signal path come only into one capacitor selected as MKP polipropilene hi-quality for audio grade selection. This amplifier perform a real impact sound feeling and hi-warm sound with the benefit of tube triode input. Compare the VFI-70L vs.other integrated amplifier no equal sound quality found in the competitors...


  • Optical bias control on cathode triode section (patend by Lector)

  • Connectors input and output all gold plated

  • Double power supply by two separate transformers (toroidal) for tube triode section and power section

  • Class A for tube driver without feedback control ( only local feedback)

  • Internal hand wire layout  for sensible circuit as power supply,output stages ecc

  • Capacitor on signal path made in polipropilene MKP 

  • Low feedback ammount on output stages

  • Cherry wood veenering sides panel for increse rigidity structure ( optional)

  • VFI 70L/M with remote control handset for volume ( optional)

Is possible to order all option as: remote control version+cherry wood


Electrical   performance

Input sensibility and impedance

150 mV   56 Kohm   220 pF

Distorsion THD

0.1 %  THD

Frequency response

20 - 50.000 Hz +/- 0.5 db

Tube triode

6922 / ECC 88

Power output on  8 ohm rms

50 Watt rms  8 ohm /  70 Watt rms  4 ohm

Ratio S/N

better of 95 db

Power supply AC input

100V/117V/230V ac     50/60 hz     200 V/A

External dimension and weight

400 ( L) x 108 (H) x 300 (P) KG- 8 net

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